Zoran Mihajlović Muza was born on 2 March, 1951 in Potocic-Prokuplje (Serbia). He has been doing painting since 1971. He had spent five years at private school with pedagogue of the fine arts and Professor Sergej Jovanovic where he acquired fine arts education. He was working later with the same professor at his school as an assistant for preparation courses for the Fine Arts Academy. In his painting opus he is using classic painting techniques: oil on canvas, acrylic, pastel, combined technique and aquarelle. He developed affection to the aquarelle technique after his acquaintance with a famous Serbian aquarelle painter Radomir Stevic Ras , so he has been using this painting technique for a long time.

He arranged nine solo exhibitions and around sixty grouped juried exhibitions. He’s been a participant in many art colonies-campuses in the country and abroad with accompanying exhibitions. He’s been doing graphic illustration of which the most important is illustration of the book “I love you ” with forty illustration done by aquarelle technique.

In Studio B, Radio and TV station, he worked long time on creative projects , like Scenography of many TV shows, among the others.

He has been a member of ULUPUDUS (The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia) since 1997.

He lives and works in Belgrade, street Jurija Gagarina 237/83.

Contact information: Tel +381 11 6160 505 mob. +381 63 471 951

email: zoranmuza4@