Goran Žigolić Watercolors

Goran Žigolić Watercolors


Watercolors and watercolors...and some drawings...
I was born in Djakovo ,1966, from 1985 live in Zagreb., From arts education finished painting academy "Agora" in Zagreb.Worked with other professional painters on nudes and basic drawing... I'm in the sculptures of wood, ships, especially watercolors and drawings, charcoal pencil .... and so on ... You can see on facebook under my name, but here in the galleries. I'm interested in comics, all artistically and visually ... also in the music, specifically blues, rock, from the time when music was a purpose, rather than a tool ... like everything else .... I try not to change in this sense. ...

watercolors CItyscapes

Horses and other animals


Flowers and plants


watercolors NUDES

People ,famous, portraits & co.