Saira Zhang

Saira Zhang

SAIRA (1970-
Scottish/Asian painter

Travelling to China, Czech Republic and Russia and living in America for over two years has broadened her outlook. Now back in Glasgow, her approach to painting often begins with an eastern story, portraying the joy of cultural differences.

At this time in her life, Saira's chosen as her subjects, people from the Far East, mainly using oil on canvas incorporating brush and fingers strokes. She begins researching usually several weeks or before picking up any tool. Then sketching begins, the overall, the detail, the moods and attitudes. Once the basic drawing is applied to the canvas, the first few layers are applied. Finally she discards her brushes and reference work and begin free flow with fingers. As the image evolves the more personal it becomes and a strong relationship between the painter and painted develops, each adding their own voice and character.

Influence and inspiration comes from American artist Maxfield Parrish, who perfected depth using varnish glazing. Canadian photographer Matt Reichel's exploration of the Far East has allowed Saira to access his images to develop her work of which she is truly grateful. Scott Gustafson, Jan Vermeer and Eugene Boudin have also inspired Saira's work.


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