Zhoozsh Arts

Zhoozsh Arts


The aberrant and unseasoned art of Jean-Henri is as imperiously intrepid as its creator. A predilection towards the stranger side of intellectual ideaologies , duct taped to a yet to be refined natural creative ability and stapled to a life story of a “ different” color. As for the vexatious approach and style ,a Napoleonic bloodline and self proclaimed ethereal calling is all that’s assuredly given
More interested in the life and theory side of artists like Pollock, Dali, Picasso, Warhol ( pretty much the weird, abbrasive and somewhat insane ones) , he follows only a handful of contemporary controversials in the street art world.
stubbornly self taught , he creates to achieve and share self awareness and more peaceful representation of his mostly far right – off the map thoughts and beliefs. Melancholic malicious mixed media seems to be his only current hallmark.

He curiously inspects a belief that its his only personal, tangible footprints behind the mysteries of his faith . Which is as broad and seemingly blasphemous as the didactic character himself. More heart than bark , he also just wants to fit in and have fun. The alter ego Zhoozsh is less inclined to comment


Animal / wildlife art