Zhoozsh Arts

Zhoozsh Arts


Self taught and untethered . My story is one of struggle and experience which comes out expressively in my subject matter and style. My art is as unique and storytelling as the stories that made them. The more intensely emotion provoking the better. I have no limits in style and process.

Snakes cant talk but atleast they be like you can do iiiit . but sometimes u gotta draw pictures for kids to show them how poisonous they can be 😂 whackos talking to trees cos erbody already drowning in likes and hashtags. Wrong color? My guy budha just giggles and jiggles. Too boring? Alahs got that soul fire . Cat person and dunno y? The egyptians do. A bijillion colors and yall get stuck at i cant even draw stick men . Stickman draw YOU. Get off the antisocial media cos its all about a you you wanna be and hashtag real yall hungrier than ever. Doesnt fit in your box? Ill give u a free artwork . You can throw dirt at me while that thing kaps you ftom behind . Cos yall dont talk to walls right ;) pewpewpew. Now suck it up and do that right fing with a careshare . You cannot save kids in africa but perhaps you forgot to tell ur wife she's beautiful this morning. Or your kid that thats the best damn scribble youve ever seen

follow me while i teach peacocks how to fly