Zhee Gallery

Zhee Gallery


I'm an self taught artist and prefer to work with a wide range of material yet I find that acrylics and digital photography are my favorites among the many. I lean toward abstracts as I find this to be the style that best reflects my view of people and things and life... the way in which we can each view someone and have differing opinions and relations with that same person is a bit like an abstract work.

My wife once treated me to formal classes and it was great yet the restriction(s) and critique was a bit for me as well as my teacher again reminding me that art is to me not something taught but a gift inherited and subject to the observer.

I wish that my art conveys and leave the viewer with a feeling of the "What If" and or a release from the day to day world into the some state of joy and peace.... here you find a wide arrangement of my works done to cover the spectrum of choices yet again Abstract is my first love and most likely will remind so... so please enjoy.

The Moore

The Inks