Macy Zeller

Macy Zeller

Most important: The “Collection Ideas” section cannot be ordered from — it’s only to show pictures of what multiple paintings/drawings would look like together. If you like a particular set, click on white box that says “Three (or Four) Piece Set $100 or $150,” and a little bio will pop up that explains which category each individual piece can be found in on my art page. Sometimes they’re all from the same category, but usually they’re each from a different one.

About Me: Art has become a way for me to connect with my surroundings and connect with others. I’ve tried to turn my hobby into a commodity in the last few years, mostly because I wanted to start conversations around individual pieces. Although it hasn’t turned into any significant earnings, I still appreciate the opportunity to showcase the little doodles I’ve made — with the only hope that I keep improving a little bit each day, month, and year.

Collection Ideas — Order from below

Abstract, B&W Movement

Landscape, B&W

Abstract, Cool Colors

Abstract, Birds & Animals

Flowers, Soft, Pastel-Colored

Abstract, Yellow


Landscape, B&W Square Perspective

Landscape, Pink&Amber

Flowers, B&W Falling

Abstract, Rainbow

Abstract, Green

Abstract, Pink&Orange Flowers

Old Sketches

Digital Abstract, Blues&Purple

Digital Abstract, Browns&Orange

Random Extra