Zelie Alice

Zelie Alice


Zelie Alice is based in Paris, France. She has produced artworks for solo and group exhibitions, which have taken her across Asia, Europe and to the USA.

Her paintings have received several awards with her most recent being the Award of Excellence from CFA, France in 2019.
Her main source of inspiration is Nature, trees, landscapes, country cottages and ever changing seascapes. Her subject matter is wide and varied. She mainly uses acrylic and oil.

She likes to paint spontaneously. She uses colours with freedom, with strong movements and contrasts filled with energy. The colours she use may not be entirely representational, moreover her emotional response to the subject. She wants her viewers to feel the strong emotions communicated through lively colours as she intends her work to be aggressively bold yet alluring in all its grace. She believes that art is a relationship between the painting and the viewer .

Her paintings can be found in permanent collections in China and Singapore as well as in private residences, hotels, resorts in Asia, Europe and Australia.