Touba Gallery
Welcome to Touba Gallery!
The Gallery opened in 1995 by Akhtar and Mahboubeh(two high school friends) and was among the first Moaragh galleries set up in Tehran. Touba Gallery is a small gallery, which nevertheless displays a diverse collection of works of art (Moaragh, Sculpture and Carving)
For more than 20 years, Touba Gallery had led on its journey starting with Mahboube and Akhtar. After losing Mahboubeh in 2009 who died due to the breast cancer, the gallery lost one its dynamic member and Akhtar lost her friend of life. In 2010, she offered Parvaneh Miraftabian as a partnership. Parvaneh is a talented woman received several national and international award. Her work is original and she is sketching the work herself.
The goal for the new gallery, scheduled to reopen in 2010, was to provide all the young and talented artists an opportunity of Exhibiting their work to the world with an amazing experience of art.
Akhtar and Parvaneh have received many awards and honors during their tenure at the Gallery, and most outstanding individual award by the “Cultural Heritage Organization” . They are very proud to serve as a board member of this organization.

Akhtar Ashkan-Nejad:
Born on August 4, 1960 in Tehran. Having an interest in Moaragh is coming from her feeling towards nature and specially the attraction of shapes, line and the smell of each type of wood.
Akhtar is the Director of the Touba Art Gallery where she has led the Gallery in 1995 with her high school friend Mahbubeh, marked 20 years of leadership as the Director of this workshop and continued with a creative and well-known artist Parvaneh.
She had started this art from 1990 under guidance Mr. Omeri-Nia. In 2002 she attended a professional work shop under the supervision of Mr. Nasiri. After meeting Parvaneh Miraftabian at Mr. Nasiri’s workshop she started learning Carvings. Therefore due to the love of Moaragh and Carving she thought of combining these two types of art.
Akhtar has participated in following regional, national and international art exhibitions :
• Summit conference of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) attendance by Arab heads of state December 1976- Tehran, Iran
• Heart and Hand - March 2004- Tehran
• Cultural Heritage Organization - December 2004- Tehran, Iran
• Flodia Exhibition- 2005-USA
• Iranian embassy – January 2010 - Iravan, Armenia
Akhtar also admitted as a member of “Cultural Heritage Organization” in 2004 at the most credible exhibition of the country.
The artist lives and works in Tehran.

Parvaneh Miraftabian:
Parvaneh Miraftabian is a native of Tehran, Iran. Her interest in art began by the age of twelve, Parvaneh won her first art show in 2004 at the most credible exhibition of the country – “Cultural Heritage Organization”
After graduating in 2000, Parvaneh attended Moaragh workshop on a scholarship under the supervision of Prof. Nasiri in 2002 and became his partnership after 1 year. She met Professor Azmoodeh via Prof. Nasiri and started to learn Sculpture from him in 2005.
Throughout her career, Parvaneh has won numerous awards and prizes in various art shows, both national and international in 21 approved exhibitions:
• 2003-National: Niavaran Castle, Cultral and Heritage Organization, Sad Abad Cstele
• 2004-International: Iranian Embassy in Dubai, Iranian Embassy in Istanbul.
• 2005-National: International Handi craft Organization, Cultural Heritage Organization, Meraj and Molavi, Saba Gallery
• 2006-National: Academic and Olympic
• 2007-National: Cultural Heritage Organization, Academic and Olympic, Mani Gallery
• 2008-International: Iranian Embassy in Armenia
• 2014-National: Tehran National Museum, Tehran university, Handicraft Cooperative Union Milad Tower
She began painting in 1995, Moaragh in 2002, Carving in 2004, Sculpture in 2005
She is also professional in Architectural, Patineh, Stained Glass, Polyester, Paneling.