Zaras Art

Zaras Art

I am an Indian origin Irish artist based in Northern Ireland. My painting style is landscapes on canvas and glass using knife and acrylic paint. Art is the energy of life, which naturally flows out from my soul like a waterfall emerging from the high mountains and flowing through my hands like a river eager to meet the vast ocean on the canvas.
My work is inspired by the captivating scenic beauty of the northern Irish coastal region which is world renowned for its natural beauty of the dramatic cliffs, coastal backdrop and the scenery. While living in the beautiful town of Portstewart, I have always been fascinated with the ever changing tapestry and colors of Ireland, which I feel very closely resembles the human nature and mind. I aim to depict this connection between nature and human to the world through my paintings.

I find the very act of creating art deeply satisfying for my mind and immensely nourishing for my soul. The objective of my work is to make a small contribution in this world and facilitate the appreciation of art in everyone's life.


Girl with a glass flute