Yusif  Mirza

Yusif Mirza


1959 – Born in the Lachin district of Azerbaijan
He began drawing while still very young. One of his earliest paintings was published in the ‘Pioneer’ magazine.
1976 - Entered the Graphics Faculty of the Baku Pedagogical Institute
1980 – His first Solo Exhibition, ‘Lachin Etudes’, at the Institute,
1981 – Graduated, awarded a distinction for his painting diploma thesis
1981-85 - Worked as an artist in the Lachin Folk Theatre, designing and painting scenery
From 1985 – Successfully participated in exhibitions in Azerbaijan and foreign countries
1997 - Member of the Azerbaijan Artists’ Union
He works in painting, graphics and sculpture
Known for his distinctive method, unusual style and individual signature, and his work arouses great interest. He focuses especially on his artistic inheritance, combining innovation with the preservation of tradition. His works unite the ancient with the modern, simplicity, the elaborate and the direct, intuition with professionalism and sheer mastery.