yuri elvin

yuri elvin


Yuri Elvin was drawing before he could speak and painting by the age of three. Born from artists Steve Elvin and Ana Victorson, he was given an innate ability to create..

having a liberal upbringing he was rarely censored towards mature material, having a stack of Rip Off Press comics and a Heavy Metal Magazine subscription at the age of eleven helped to open the art into a world of sex and science fiction mysticism…

to compete in college he quit all art activity, after completing a B.A. in film studies UCSB, and a M.F.A from American Film Institute in film producing he had to join the work force… completely void of all art creation…

in 2007 after fifteen years of not drawing or painting he begun making art again to save his own life from a dark path often experienced in Hollywood…. “i almost let this town eat me alive.’…

his art has made it into many television shows and movies, he has worked with ABC, CBS, Disney, BBC, SHOWTIME, numerous indie projects and commercials, many sales to private collections, as well as commissions for major energy companies, producers, artists, and writers…

He has found that without art he is aimless;
“to create art is a compulsion, she is a powerful mistress who is very demanding of my energy and my time. lacking many social filters i need to express myself in private as to not offend everyone in earshot…”

“Reclusion has been the ‘key’ to understanding the ‘magic’ art can create, think of a magic brush, it is possible to manifest your future thru creation, we can literally draw our desires and bring them to life… try it.”

there is no such thing as ‘lost time’, every moment of our lives whether we are creating or not are part of the creative process….

“i would say that the ‘key’ to being a successful artist is to get a job to support yourself, create a body of work, then create another one, never stop…. they will come to you when it is time.”

He hopes to change the world by opening peoples minds to the possibility that we can create for ourselves in our own lives thru our own art.

“if you want money, draw money, if you wand love, draw love, if you want peace, draw peace.”

naked cranes

brazilian birds bombs in bikinis

political art