yukitkat art/ kathleen Y Parr

yukitkat art/ kathleen Y Parr


Kathleen y Parr was born with a natural talent for art, which she discovered in her early childhood. She was encouraged by her teachers to pursued her dreams. Kathleen Y Parr has won awards for her art during her education days.
Kathleen Y Parr has study art in forms of oil, acrylics, and knife painting. She is a self-taught artist that uses her imagination and skills. She has learned from other artist to developed her techniques and style. She has sold many of her painting's, she also does commission paintings, from landscapes to buildings. She is constantly looking for challenges to push her limit to become a master artist.

" I believe art is the soul of life, without it, this world would be boring and hopeless. Art gives imaginations and inspiration to everyone."


Animals and birds

Orential art



Castle series