Colorbook Reality Digital Art

Colorbook Reality Digital Art

Welcome to my ArtPal page I’m so happy you found me I’m a digital Colorbook artist and photographer I use apps for art photography and turn them into something beautiful I’ve been doing this work for about 2 years now i also do freehand work I’ve done work for charities like CMN Shriners for children and a few others I’ve also did freehand for some celebs and family and friends I do weddings baby showers birthdays even pets birthdays I used to freehand till I got problems with my hand due to medication that’s when I turned to the day digital art world and the rest is history I m also a Snapchat selfie model and I use my self as colorbook reality art I will send you a selfie of me hand signed upon request I will post in my gallery some of my selfies I plan to make this a dream for me someday as I love sharing my love of art be it freehand or digital with others I also use my body as a human canvas as well because we all are beautiful creations each our own way and unique style sorry no nudes or full frontals please check my Model work below to see what I do thank you all so much I want to share my talent and love of art and photography with artist and photographers all over the world this is my dream and to become a model one day ♥️

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