Yuliya Martynova

Yuliya Martynova



Born in Kazakhstan (Aktau) in 1980, Yuliya attended the city’s art school between the ages of 10 – 15 and was noted as one of their most promising graduates. Her love of art had to take a back seat after she won a prestigious law scholarship and felt pressure to enter the emerging post-soviet era Kazakhstan oil and gas economy. Yuliya worked in the local Kazakh oil & gas industry before accepting a post in Aberdeen. After 2 years there, she relocated in 2007 to London where she has made her long term home.

Her creative ambition was restricted within the corporate world and in April 2015 she took the opportunity to reinvent herself becoming a full time artist.  Since then Yuliya has been continuously gaining attention of the international curators, art advisors and private art collectors all around the world.


Independent, driven, yet fragile, her artistic ideology is a form of self-reflection. It lies with uncertain trajectory of a paper plane – a delicate vessel connecting space and time. The philosophical message shrouded in Yuliya’s elegant creations varies from painting to painting providing for less obvious emotional narrative. 
Visualising chaotic or organised trajectories with her paper plane formations, she emphasises positive values of adaptive human behaviour and prevailing strength over perceived weakness.  She also charges the little planes with an identity of a faceless portrait allowing for individual ability to overcome challenges facing unfamiliar highs in solitude or as a group. 
Yuliyas’ practice combines subtle watercolour techniques and colour intense acrylic blends that create vibrant, or to the contrast, delicate surfaces sealed with oil and alkyd mediums .



30 Mar - 02 Apr The Other Art Fair, London, UK
May Open Studio weekend, Wimbledon, London,UK
Aug 01-12 Defying Uncertainty, Art House, Moscow, Russia
Oct 05-08 The Other Art Fair, London UK
Nov 09-12 The Other Art Fair, New York, US
December Solo show, Dreamland, Piccadilly St Gallery, London

30 nov - 30 Dec Aubergine Art Gallery, Wimbledon, London
17-20 Nov Edinburg Art Fair
31 Oct - 05 Nov solo Art Gallery 657 Studio, Fulham Rd, London #Flyingsolo
01 Sep featured artists in Saatchi Art Autumn 2016 Printed Catalogue                   
04 Aug Hoxton Arches, London, with Meet the Artists               
04 Feb Whitechappel Gallery, London, First Thursdays by Creative Debuts    
02 Jan - 02 Mar Hoxton Hotel Gallery, Holborn, London,    
22-25 Jan Art Room 2016, Melia White House Hotel, London          
15-26 Dec 2015 Maze Art OXO Tower  Barge House, London     
09-25 Oct 2015 Wells Art Contemporary 2015, Somerset, UK        
Apr - Jan Artist of  the Day (twice), Inside the Studio,  Saatchi Art             
July - Sep 2015 solo , Mathew’s Yard Caffe & Art Gallery, Croydon       

Corporate Display:

Mar - Jun 2016 Oliver, (Marketing Agency) Old St London
Feb - May 2016 Black + White Offices, Shoreditch, London
Feb - Jun 2016  20 Canada Square, City of London (Property Developer)
July 14 - May 2015 Werner Capital (Property Developer), Belgravia, London     
Apr - Oct 2013 Bonas MacFarlane (Educational Consultancy), Battersea, London  

On TV and Big Screen:

Nov 2016 Doctor Strange, Marvel movie, 2 artworks for the filming set decoration 
Mar 2016 US Drama Scandal,  from episode 515, series since 2012, ABC studios



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