Yuliya Martynova

Yuliya Martynova


Born and raised in Kazakhstan (1980), Yuliya was a promising art school graduate age 15 when Soviet union collapsed and her creative aspirations had to be channeled into more practical legal career instead. She moved to London in 2005 and after 10 years working in oil and wealth management industries she finally broke apart from the corporate world to be a full time artist. Yuliya had always been drawn to elegance and delicate structures that quintessentially the base of her creative style. Her signature material is watercolour which she masterfully applies not only on paper but canvas and wood surfaces. Yuliya is fascinated with the subject of departure, parting with somebody or something, cognitive state of loosing something valuable. Her work focuses on traveling and escaping the city for the idyllic paradise in The Blue Bay line. Yuliya merges past and future within elements speaking about loss of time in The Ripples collection. She omits important words hidden behind the brush strokes of mysterious Colour code and mends ties of broken relationship in post departure existence of Connected and Migration series. Yuliya is a frequent participant of London art fairs, regular works with interior designers on specific sites and plans to bring more work to the US in the upcoming years.

Sep - The New Artists Fair, London, UK
May - Art Show, Art Play, Moscow, Russia
Mar-Apr - The Other Art Fair, London, UK
Dec - Rise Art, Islington Cass Art Show

30 Mar - 02 Apr The Other Art Fair, London, UK
May Open Studio weekend, Wimbledon, London,UK
Aug 01-12 Defying Uncertainty, Art House, Moscow, Russia
Oct 05-08 The Other Art Fair, London UK
Nov 09-12 The Other Art Fair, New York, US
December Solo show, Dreamland, Piccadilly St Gallery, London

30 nov - 30 Dec Aubergine Art Gallery, Wimbledon, London
17-20 Nov Edinburg Art Fair
31 Oct - 05 Nov solo Art Gallery 657 Studio, Fulham Rd, London #Flyingsolo
01 Sep featured artists in Saatchi Art Autumn 2016 Printed Catalogue                   
04 Aug Hoxton Arches, London, with Meet the Artists               
04 Feb Whitechappel Gallery, London, First Thursdays by Creative Debuts    
02 Jan - 02 Mar Hoxton Hotel Gallery, Holborn, London,    
22-25 Jan Art Room 2016, Melia White House Hotel, London          
15-26 Dec 2015 Maze Art OXO Tower  Barge House, London     
09-25 Oct 2015 Wells Art Contemporary 2015, Somerset, UK        
Apr - Jan Artist of  the Day (twice), Inside the Studio,  Saatchi Art             
July - Sep 2015 solo , Mathew’s Yard Caffe & Art Gallery, Croydon       

Corporate Display:

Mar - Jun 2016 Oliver, (Marketing Agency) Old St London
Feb - May 2016 Black + White Offices, Shoreditch, London
Feb - Jun 2016  20 Canada Square, City of London (Property Developer)
July 14 - May 2015 Werner Capital (Property Developer), Belgravia, London     
Apr - Oct 2013 Bonas MacFarlane (Educational Consultancy), Battersea, London  

On TV and Big Screen:

Nov 2016 Doctor Strange, Marvel movie, 2 artworks for the filming set decoration 
Mar 2016 US Drama Scandal,  from episode 515, series since 2012, ABC studios



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