(Y) Ylva Maria Thompson

(Y) Ylva Maria Thompson


A well-behaved rebel who explores the body's impossibilities, and also reveals it. Always fraudulently veracious, since what usually is expressed metaphorically is often the very metaphor in her work.
At the same time, she is constantly ready to defend the despised and the oppressed.
Educated at five art schools and two universities, now a member of KRO (Swedish Artists’ Union) and IAA (International Artists Association), thinker, writer and artist.
With a background as freelance writer for erotic magazines and anchor woman of an erotic television broadcast, human sexuality and relations as well as feminism forms a big part of the subject-matters in her art-work.

She works in different techniques: different printing techniques,oilpainting on canvas, acrylic, gold leaf and metal leaf, watercolor, etc...
The only important rule is to use lightfast artists' paints, acid-free paper, canvas of high quality - in short, materials that guarantees that the work of art will preserve well for the future.

Since 1996 her work is always signed (Y).

Contact: ylva@stjernan.com
instagram @ylvamariathompson
#ylvaart #ylva-art
Facebook: Ylva-art and Gipsavgjutningar


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