You like unusual painting, painted by talented artist? Well, let's get acquainted. Hello.

I was born in a small town on the Volga. Nothing particularly beautiful, except for the Volga, I have not seen. That's probably why I started to draw something beautiful, what I was missing. And it all started with the underwater sea world, which I saw on TV. It was multi-coloured fish, marine animals, rocks, plants, sunken ships, corals, and submarines ... started. I could not tear myself away from painting. The parents only had time to buy me paper and paint. And in five years I was invited to study at the City Art School and I studied there. It happens rarely that the children studied.

After school, I was just flying to do in the Saratov Art school named after Alexei Petrovich Bogolyubov. Did. Learning was not easy. Had to earn money to somehow provide for themselves. But to leave school I did not want to. Yes.,

Floral bas-relief