Yesid Archila

Yesid Archila

I have been an artist for about 20 years During my undergraduate career at the University, I had a number of academic research and work experiences with the master Miguel Quintero artist in Bogota which strengthened my desire to pursue my artistic career while molding my specific areas of interest within the modern contemporary abstract field. I incorporated my research and practice in different painting or modeling technics to my works as you can see them here at my virtual gallery, which is a mix of 3d and oil works, which opened my view and perspective of the world of art which is very different now a days.

I am sure that you as art critics will be able to see and feel my art as unique pieces of art, which will enhance and charm any bodies spaces, my art has been made from excellent quality materials and paints, which will add a hint of a modern touch to your décor, it is crafted in square shape with theme detailed artistic work, the top of this work has a beautiful contemporary finish that adds to it shine finish , this wall decorative will go with traditional as well as modern themed apartments, houses and offices, you can place this unique wall decorative pieces of art anywhere in your living space, this wall decorative works goes well with the subtle office decors . Use this amazingly designed wall decorative in the reception areas or cabins to add a refreshing touch to your décor, it can be also gifted to your near and dear ones on an special occasion, this wall decorative is a unique piece to possess in your private collection or in general to decorate any place you like.

Thank you for visiting my virtual gallery.

Yesid Archila

Green Arrows

Fractalstic (3d)

Cubic Space (3d)

Red Bridge (3d)