My work is to create silent interlocutors. My paintings are silent and they tell stories at the same time.

My images are often women, because they are the most beautiful and perfect.

I love the white plane of the canvas and I love how when it starts to fill with colorful spots. I like it when the chaos of the first paint layer gradually begins to transform into harmony and order. And at the end, individual lines and strokes reveal and emphasize the overall artistic idea of the painting. The inner invisible self acquires visible outlines.

I always perceive this as magic. And it's really magic, when a white flat space becomes a tangible world, where you can hide from the chaos of the outside world.

The surface of the painting is like a thin line between sleep and reality. Plunge into the picture - it's like swimming under water without a mask in a dream - you swim and breathe at the same time. In the painting, the impossible becomes possible.

The former nothingness becomes something that can say something, evoke some feelings. I'm glad if the first feeling that the viewer feels in front of my paintings is pleasure.

I used to try to say something to the world. Now I'm learning to listen to him.
I'm not saying it, my paintings say.

Basically I work in the technique of oil painting. Now in my works I use figurative, abstraction, deconstruction.

In my opinion, the uniqueness of each artist depends on how deep he can look into himself. How much courage to do it. This is a very difficult path. However, it must be passed.

The main thing I would like the audience to experience from my paintings is pleasure.


I'm a full-time artist.

I was born in Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine) into an artist's family. My father and brother were engaged in sculpture and painting. My mother was a fashion designer.

One of my earliest memories is my stay in my father's workshop. I had drawn there, read child books, watched my father's work, and later helped my father and brother work.

I think the first influences on me, as an artist, were my father's artworks: sculpture, painting, drawing. His artworks was most often in the style of socialist realism. He was a famous artist in Soviet Ukraine. He installed granite and bronze monuments in various cities of Ukraine. Some of them (some of the most significant) were dedicated to Soviet political leaders. They came under the decommunization law and were dismantled.

The second significant influence on me, it seems to me, was the influence of the creative process of my mother - a fashion designer. I remember how I looked at pictures in fashion magazines, which we had a lot.

Also I remember the reproductions of paintings by Rembrandt, Mikhail Vrubel, photos of nude models on the walls in the father's workshop, plaster casts of antique and Renaissance portraits. We also had a human medical skeleton. In my childhood he had frightened me a little. We also had a fairly large library of books on art.

I'm from Ukraine and now I live and work in Kharkiv (Ukraine).
I visited Germany, Argentina, Poland and Russia.


In 1988–1992 studied at The Kharkiv State Art College in the sculpture department. Graduated with honors.

In 1992 was admitted to The Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts without entrance exams, having won the competition among graduates of Kharkiv State Art College. Studied at the department of “Sculpture”. In 1997 graduated the institute with honors.

Won the competition among the students of the institute for training in Germany. Boris (Bob) Mikhailov and Sergey Bratkov were among members of jury. In 1997 trained at Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts.

The works are in private collections in the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Philippines, Ukraine and Russia.