Yana Gok Art

Yana Gok Art


My name is Yana Gök. Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I was born in 1982 in Ukraine. Many members of my family are artists. My interest in art began in early childhood.

I graduated Department of Arts in The Pedagogical University in 2005 in Ukraineand received a master’s degree.
In my life I have moved through many different phases. I have worked with oils, acrylics, pastels specializing in drawing and painting the portrait from life. More then 1000 my portrait artworks were bought by people from Europe, Russia and USA.
But now i want to open my inside world for you.
My drawing process is just as important as the finished piece for me. I think to create some of my art from visions I receive in meditations. Also I love to capture the energy of the people and nature.
Now much of my new inspiration comes from what I see around me living on the Sunshine Coast, Kemer, Turkey.

Sometimes my dreams gives me ideas to continue my artistic journey.