Yana Rostovskaya. Miniature paintings on enamel.

Yana Rostovskaya. Miniature paintings on enamel.


I'm an enamel and abstract artist.
I combine tradition with innovation. I offer handmade enamel paintings. If you're looking for an exclusive, luxurious gift for a business partner, or a special gift for loved ones the hot enamel painting is what you need.

Each of my works is unique. I've developed experimental painting techniques and apply them in my art. No one in the world but me creates such works on enamel. I am also an aesthetic of enamel painting in the modern world, so in buying my work you contribute to the development of a rare and valuable art form.

About painting on enamel:
Historically, enamel techniques gravitate to the genre of decorative and applied art. As an artist, I struggle with this stereotype and work to show the world that enamel painting is an independent form of fine art. These are miniature paintings on enamel. They do not carry a utilitarian function and live in the space between jewelry and ordinary painting.

How I create my fully handmade jewelry paintings:
First, I manually cut out a piece of copper sheet and use special tools to make it convex, this gives strength to the future enamel painting. Then I cover it with enamel on both sides and burn it in a muffle furnace at a temperature of 750-850 degrees Celsius (1380 – 1560 degrees Fahrenheit). Now I have a "canvas" to create a picture. I take the overglaze paints and draw the image on the enamel plate. And again I fire it at a temperature of 810 degrees Celsius (1560 degrees Fahrenheit). Now the paints are melted into the enamel and I paint the next layer, which is also fired in the oven. During the creative process, the work is fired repeatedly. The result is a miniature painting that has a special brightness, purity, and a rich range of shades, able to retain its properties for centuries.