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Yair David


About Yair David
I am a watercolors landscape painter, born, raised, and living in Israel. For many years, I have been fascinated by landscapes. I often sit and observe the landscape for a long time, trying to comprehend it before I try to capture it in illustration. Most fascinating to me is the horizon. I am mesmerized by the perspective of the changing colors toward the horizon.
After understanding that the best way to express my perception of the landscape is through applying the techniques developed by 19th century British landscape painters, using watercolors, I focused on studying and practicing these techniques.
The fundamentals of these techniques I learned from Martin H.Griffiths, whom I traveled to visit in Wales five times.
The technique I chose to adopt is superimposing.
Painting starts only after I have really taken in the landscape in front of me. I start by sketching on paper and then I add transparent layers of watercolors. I usually start with a first layer that sets the dominant hue, afterwards I set the tones of gray, and only then do I add few layers of additional colors. I use the main quality of the watercolors, transparency, and apply the characteristics of the various pigments, such as using transparent pigments for the sky and more granulated pigments for stone. I try to capture the full range of atmospheric effects, while maintaining a balance between harmony and intrigue, warm regions and cool regions, etc., to direct the viewer’s eye to a focal point.
I have published a selection of my works in the book “Yair David - Israel Landscape Watercolours”.

Engineer, cum laude graduate of the Aeronautical Faculty of the Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.
M.A. degree in Law of the University of Haifa, Cum Laude, Haifa, Israel.
Ph.D. degree in Law of the University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel.
I am a registered patent attorney.
I gained my artistic education directly from artists specializing in use of watercolors, including the Israeli artists: Haim Kiewe, Zvi Tadmor, Jan Rauchwerger, and Avigdor Stematsky; as well as Bernard Evans at Monts Bay Art Center, Newlyn, Cornwall, U.K., and Martin H. Griffiths at St. David’s Peninsula, Pembrokeshire, U.K.

I’ve taken part in solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, and auctions in Israel. Likewise, my works have been available for sale in galleries in Israel, as well as: Anaya Gallery, Scarsdale NY, U.S.A.; Abbot & Holder, London, U.K. Indira Gandhi National Center of Arts, New Delhi, India and the National Museum of Kosovo.
I’ve also taken part in the exhibition: “Vision of Light - A Century of Watercolor in Israel” at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.

Riga Castle - Latvia

Carn Llidi / Wales

The beach near Shavei Zion - Israel

Dormition Church – Jerusalem