Christine Chipowe Nkandu was born in Zambia ,Africa, but currently living in Namibia. She is a wife and mother of 3 grown-up children. Her passion for Art began at the early age of seven when she had her first Art lesson as part of the school curriculum in her second grade. As part of her General Certificate in Education (GCE), Cambridge, high school leaving exams, she obtained a good grade in art.
Even after ten years of working full time in Human Resources, her passion for art remained undeterred. Christine continued drawing and painting as a hobby, for her friends and family. In 1999, she started her first business in Fashion Designing, Art and Crafts in Zambia’s capital city,Lusaka.It was during this time that she sold her first paintings at an exhibition and crafts market. She has since continued to sell at exhibitions and Trade fairs regionally and internationally in China, U.S.A and other places.
Most of her inspiration comes from Africa’s rich cultural diversity and values. Her continued aspiration to create has helped her in various social situations and life’s challenges. She is in touch with her inner self for guidance to give her painting a life of its own. Through art she is able to explore emotions that are not easy to express in words. The main aim for her art is to share, inform, connect and communicate some basic human emotions through this universal language of art. Some of her paintings are a recreation of her memories of life’s events as well as those drawn from her imagination

Pretty girl

Good company

Through her brown eyes

Duty calls

xtina art