Zoleka Xoa Mannie

Zoleka Xoa Mannie


Proudly South African. My book is available for purchase on Amazon. Please copy and paste this link on your web browser.



We are always learning and practicing how to express ourselves. Being an art lover, I have come to understand that a painting is a visual form of the imagination and thoughts using creativity to narrate those truths onto a surface. I feel like life is the ultimate surface. It may not be obvious but when we live our lives, we are searching for a story inside ourselves.

Our journey is the medium. The people we cross paths with are the elements and our stories become the aesthetic. I believe that anyone can paint or I feel that we should all learn to authentically express ourselves. The motion lies in the wrist or the ankles for some. Whatever moves you really but no expression should be excluded. I truly stand firm with the notion of art, literature, and life being inclusive.

We all have the potential, a surface to talk like a painting and this book is to simply welcome you to the gallery of my heaven so that one day as the social apes we are, we could all meet in the same empty museum.

A collection of original poems by South African artist and writer Zoleka Xoá Mannie.

Book cover design and featured artwork by Maté.

Featured poem titled “Listen, the music of the Universe” by Maté.

This book has a gallery and a storeroom.

There are only five paintings in the gallery: each composed of 20 pieces, making a total of 80 poems.

The paintings are:
Nature, Life, Spiritual, Death and, Love as one painting.

The storeroom has 1 artwork which has 9 different canvas sizes.

This work is completely authentic and inspired by relationships in my own life. If you wish to distribute these poems, whether online or otherwise, I ask that you kindly refer to them as “artworks” and treat them delicately and attribute them to me.

Thank you for existing, Ape.

Painting 1

Painting 2

Painting 4