Xo Terra

Xo Terra


Painting is a full body experience for me. I always stand. My canvases have grown in size as my experience has grown, and over time my technique has loosened, mirroring my own maturation. I use color - or the absence of it - dramatically. Many say color defines my style.

The early exposure and long influence of Catholic school, Alan Watts, and Walt Whitman created a life long quest for spiritual understanding. Georgia O’Keeffe’s passion for independence, Corita Kent’s social consciousness and gusto for life, Wolf Kahn’s wonderful use of color and abstraction in his landscapes, and Howard Hodgkin’s use of bold color and abstract representation of life situations, have all inspired and informed me in my art making.

I now enjoy the cathartic experience of painting my inner landscape in a variety of forms. That experience can manifest as robust florals, colorful abstracts, intriguing impressionistic landscapes, or figures.

My hope is that my work touches, moves, and enlivens you, the viewer.