Gemeni Art

Gemeni Art

Welcome to my art/ photography page!

I am an independent artist & photographer sharing my creative perspective on life and nature.

I look at the world in a way that some people may not have the ability to.. that is why I like to share my perspective and invite you to be apart of my beautiful page and feel connected to the world we live in and see it in a different light.

One person will look at a tree and just see it simply as a tree.. another person will look at the same tree and see life, growth, maturity and opportunity..

Every painting/ photo tells a story and the beauty of perspective is it’s never the same story as we all have a different , unique way of looking at an object. We all perceive different things and feel different emotions when observing the same thing.

That is why art is life, love, emotion and passion. Art can be whatever you want it to be depending on how you feel or think. Art and photography can tell you more about yourself than you know.

After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder… x