Love with color and this is a kind of reflection in my paintings. This kind of color has been touching my mind and paintings has reflected all through of my excitement, What always came abstractive presentation to inform the color, in due to my enjoyment many things have been blowing in the canvases and paper to represent a natural effect from my learning this colorful nature.

Color could be a representation of many invisible notions of my life. All values of experience have been balanced my paintings with shape and light, which is bright, space and layer, corner to corner, in which each area of the composition is given equal attention and significance.

What I love about color reflection is that my paintings have brought all the image to prepare my nature what I founded in my experiences to enjoy color and its brightness for painting on canvases, papers, and the results are these works what I tried to do. When my paintings have arrived on canvas or on paper, they ( paintings ) are absolutely outstanding works. And I was floored. ( floored--- it makes me more emotion )

Liakat Ali's artwork provides a truly diverse retrospective of modern art as it is practiced by notable established and emerging creator. His excellent work is hereby granted at the" International Contemporary Masters V. 11".He has enriched his technical capabilities in paintings.