WulfWorks Visionary Art

WulfWorks Visionary Art


Sharing Inspiration and Magic Through Art!
My paintings are portals to a New Reality that is emerging on our planet. I think of them as seeds of Paradise on Earth. I invite you to immerse yourself in this magic of uplifting consciousness.

Painting is a way to share the beauty of my dreams. I see the potential of Paradise emerging in our world, and I love to bring that vision into reality through art so others can see it too. In seeing it we can manifest it together. That is what true magic is all about.

What My Clients Say:

➢ ...your work is enchanting, inviting; it is like a beautiful garden, and you can't resist investigating. The colors & whimsical nature of it. Your artwork is truly magical!  - Cheri

➢ Amazing Artist. Able to dance with the Spirits, Walk in the ethers, Explorer of Ancient Celtic Healing Art Forms, Bard of Songs, Writer of Legends, Enchantress of Folklore and Faerie Magic. - Maureen

➢ I like your imagination and the whimsicality of it. Magical. You make majestic creatures and that’s what I love about your art. – Emily