Greetings! I go by Wrimbles, I am an artist/musician living in Vermont. I have branched into many fields of artistic expression over the past 15 years, but my specialties are pencil, colored pencil and ink. In addition to my traditional training in drawing and BA in acrylic painting, I have past experience as a graffiti artist, tattoo artist, freelance portrait artist and some graphic design on the side.

I have a pretty broad range of subject matter - from portraiture to fantasy, to nature illustration and abstract. I tend to follow my inspiration and allow it to guide my pencil, but I am always open to discussing commissions - I can be reached on Twitter (https://twitter.com/ItsWrimbles), Instagram (https://instagram.com/wrimbles) and Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/Wrimbles).

In Spring 2020, I decided to seize the opportunity of fusing my broadcasting/entertainment experience with my artistic process by setting up shop on Twitch. I stream most days, with art streams peppered in with creative games like Minecraft or story-rich games like Rimworld. You can find me on Twitch at (https://www.twitch.tv/wrimbles), so if you come by via this link, please do let me know and we'll make sure you're warmly welcomed!

Thank you for checking out my shop!