The Art of Joseph Alexander Wraith

The Art of Joseph Alexander Wraith

This is a wildly diverse assortment of my art.
From Surf and Wave images to Low Brow and Hot Rod car work,
as well as my monster cartoon creations known as The Fuglies™ and The Monsterlings® and my new Tarot Card Art for Aracana Macabre Tarot Cards.

The Fuglies is a ongoing tribute to Hot Rod Monsters, Odd Rods, Rat Fink, Weird-Ohs, Low brow, and other funky monsters. The Fuglies™ was created by Artist Joseph A. Wraith in 1990.

The Fuglieversal Monster Series is a combination of my life-time favs, the Universal Monsters of the 30s-50s and the 80s and my other favorite form of art which is 70s Cartoon Monsters combined to create satirically funny caricatures in 3d created posters.

The Fuglies Present: The Creepsters

Arcana Macabre Tarot Cards


Wraith Works

The Fuglies of Rock

Low Brow, Ocean, Surf & Street Art


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