The Art of Joseph Alexander Wraith

The Art of Joseph Alexander Wraith

This is a wildly diverse assortment of my art.
From Surf and Wave images to Low Brow and Hot Rod car work,
as well as my monster cartoon creations known as The Fuglies™ and The Monsterlings® and my new Tarot Card Art for Aracana Macabre Tarot Cards.

The Fuglies is a ongoing tribute to Hot Rod Monsters, Odd Rods, Rat Fink, Weird-Ohs, Low brow, and other funky monsters. The Fuglies™ was created by Artist Joseph A. Wraith in 1990.

The Fuglieversal Monster Series is a combination of my life-time favs, the Universal Monsters of the 30s-50s and the 80s and my other favorite form of art which is 70s Cartoon Monsters combined to create satirically funny caricatures in 3d created posters.

Arcana Macabre Tarot Cards


Wraith Works

The Fuglies of Rock

Low Brow, Ocean, Surf & Street Art


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