Word-art owned by Nannette Kelly.(signed nmk) I am the only artist in the world who paints compound words painted in water color, one being the first part of the word and the other being the second part of the word to depict what they are as a whole word. This idea and expression belongs solely to word-art (Nannette Kelly) nmk I have sold hundreds of prints through word_art@aol.com. I paint in water color, acrylic and oil. I am not a digital artist but everything is done by my hands only. I also paint pure abstracts designed for home and office. I will be opening a private contemporary modern gallery in Tulsa, Ok (2018) Abstract art (sometimes called nonobjective art) is a painting or sculpture that does not depict a person, place, or thing in the natural world. With abstract art, the subject of the work is based on what you see: color, shapes, brushstrokes, size, scale, and, in some cases, the process itself, as in action painting.

Abstract artists strive to be non-objective and non-representational, allowing the viewer to interpret each artwork's meaning in their own way.

Old City Hall, Wall St. NY 1790

Havana 1957

New Mexico Sunset


Purple Forest

Day In The Life of Orange

Day In The Life of Yellow

Day In The Life of Blue


Blue Octagon

Red Circle






BabysBreath section 1

BabysBreath Section 2

RainBow section 1

RainBow section 2

PurpleHaze section 1

PurpleHaze section 2

Zigzag section 1

Zigzag section 2

Fireworks section 1

Fireworks Section 2

Seashell section 1

Seashell section 2

Butterfly section1

Butterfly section 2





Gordes France

Little Red Wagon

Green Water Bay

Glacier Express

Lorain Lighthouse

Aegean Sunset

Mount Fugi Cherry Blossoms

Santorini Style

Red Sails

Lovely Larkspur