Wolf's Den Armoury

Wolf's Den Armoury


I've been making chainmaille since late 1994, ever since my oldest son's 6th grade class did a segment on the Middle Ages and the teacher wanted some parental help with some medieval crafts for the kids to work on. I started simply by exploring the historical aspects of it, then after noting the fluidity of maille, I looked into the more fashionable and artistic qualities.

We hope to show you that maille is not only a piece of our history, but can be part of our present as well. I have had a lifelong love of all things ancient and this was just right opportunity to learn something new. I had an old book on blacksmithing (I have it to this day, in fact) that had a drawing and a photograph of a piece of chainmaille on one of the pages. I studied the picture for hours, trying to figure out exactly how the piece was woven with every ring having the 4 surrounding it to go through that ring. Once I figured *that* out, the rest was easy. Since that day, I have learned or taught myself over 60 methods of weaving maille, some distinct weaves, some variations of other weaves.

In the last 20+ years, I've had my work featured in a New York City fashion show runway, several Star Trek alumni own my work, including Sally Kellerman, Nichelle Nichols and William Shatner. I have also appeared in local television and print publications.