My name is Wolf, and I'm a self-taught hobbyist living in Michigan, United States. Looking to make a bit of money off my work. My financial situation is rough at the moment, so any purchases you make would definitely help keep me afloat.

I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community as a pansexual, transgender man. I am looking to get my mastectomy done in the near future.

I am neurodivergent, with several diagnoses. This in addition to my heart condition is why I am currently on disability. My primary reason for needing a bit of financial support is the fact that disability doesn't pay me enough to survive. I just had to quit my measly part time job because of my chronic pain. I anticipate moving out of my Mom's home very soon, and that would require me to pay my own utilities too.
EDIT: I have officially moved out and I'm more broke than I've ever been. I'm to the point of rationing food because I can't afford groceries, plz help O.o

Thank you in advance for your interest! If there's a specific drawing you would be interested in seeing available to purchase here, you can send me an email at (BarmecidalWolf@gmail.com). I will reply ASAP with either a request for more information or a declination (though it's unlikely I will decline, my current schedule and responsibilities may play a role in my availability to draw).