W. R. Adams Fine Art

W. R. Adams Fine Art


Creating art takes me to another place. It soothes me and heals my soul. It is with constant awe that I approach my favorite subject, the natural world. I can only hope to begin to communicate the strong love and connection I feel with our planet through my art. I also hope that my art inspires you to travel, to explore & to open your heart to the wonders all around us.
I am always happy to do custom orders and larger pastels and paintings than what I offer here. I can create a landscape for you using your ideas and/ or photographs. Please email me @ wmcmurray61@yahoo.com for any questions and to discuss the idea of creating a piece of art just for you! Thank you so much for coming here to see my art. I hope you enjoy it.
All images copyright 2016-17 Wendy Adams McMurray Not for personal or commercial use. If you stop by my FB page please say hello! If you "like" it you will see all of my art as soon as I create it.

Walkin' the Dog

Fields & Forests

Canyons, Mountains and Deserts


Roads, Paths & Trails

Bodies of Water



Tiny Paintings