JOHANNA VOGELSANG was born 6/18/1929 in Kentucky and passed away 12/1/2011 in California, leaving a legacy of historical and political art, in addition to portraits of athletes and women achievers.
accomplished artist and graphic designer, worked on the front line of the civil rights movement in Washington DC during the 60s and 70’s, producing flyers and posters and most importantly, a legacy of paintings depicting civil rights leaders and protests. She is considered one of the foremost protest/political artists of her generation.

Later she moved on to a series on women achievers, then to totalitarianism/human suffering as it pertains to the Holocost, Cambodia and Argentina. In the next decade she researched and focused on conspiracy as it pertains to the 4 Assissinations – of JFKennedy, RFKennedy, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. In her final days, she produced a series smaller portrait paintings summing up her research on the conspiracies.

In addition, she painted and drew athletes and artists, created portraits for friends and family which are in collections throughout the country.

Her exhibits include Walter Hopps D.C. Gallery of Modern Art, Spectrum Co-op Gallery in Georgetown, O Street Gallery, United Methodist Church HQ in Chicago and DC, Left of Center Gallery in Las Vegas, New Orleans Open Gallery, Conference of Social Action Group, DC. , and other smaller sites.

Her freelance work as a graphic artists and illustrator ran side by side with her career as a fine artist, commencing with her work as an activist and artist for Women Strike for Peace and with Martin Luther King Jr. in the Mobilization against the Vietnam War. She co-owned an operated Art for People, which focused on providing publications for movement centered causes. Johanna’s illustrations were featured in the Washington Post, The Progressive, Ramparts, National Cathedral , ESA/Social Action, The Smithsonian RIF, United Methodist, Off Our Backs, John F. Kennedy Center, OperaAmerica and the Washington DC Youth Orchestra Program, and many more.

She passed away on December 1 2011.