Willson and Patz

Willson and Patz


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We're Willson and Patz, two contemporary Canadian artists living and working together, currently based in K'jipuktuk (Halifax) NS. We love to travel and learn from others, and always work to appreciate the beauty surrounding us. We first began working together after Patz graduated University and we drove to Thunder Bay Ontario to tree plant. Unfortunately cut short by unforeseen events, we decided to sell our car and travel to Costa Rica to study our respective art forms.

Patz is a Canadian artist with a BA in Womens and Genders Studies with a minor in Spanish. She now focuses her artwork on bringing social awareness through presenting her own experiences in contemporary art forms. Born Sarah Jane Patzelt in K'jipuktuk, she was raised in the city. After travelling to Ecuador as part of collaborative community development program, she decided to study at St. Francis Xavier University. With a new found passion for revealing systems of oppression, she lived in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, for three months with Willson to study visual and performance arts as well as learn from the locals.

Willson is a Canadian contemporary mixed-media artist with a focus on representing of their views through expressionism using painting mediums. Born Matthew Thomas Willson in K’jipuktuk, he was raised from 6 months old in Canso, NS. Home of Stan Rogers Folk Festival and population of around 900 during his childhood. Leaving small town life to search for their artistic voice, he has now studied and/or lived in K’jipuktuk, Thunder Bay, and Tamarindo.

We are currently planning a two year tour cross Canada to explore counter-cultures and learn from the people and places that inspire change in their circles.


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