Billy's Artwork

Billy's Artwork

My earliest recollection of my love for art started when I was about 7 years old.
I used charcoal or graphite pencil and drew on crushed - up cardboard boxes or brown paper bags, tracing the profile of rivers within hills
or flat lands. This work continued through primary school years which brought my efforts to an art exam while completing high school.

I remember sitting in a 3 hour exam, where I arrived 1 hour late and was required to complete 3 sets of drawings in that timeframe. It sure was amazing that I was still able to complete the exam earlier than my peers and achieved a distinction for my efforts.

Having started working, my interest for art was sporadic with painting spurts of 5-10 pieces every 10 years or so. Since retiring, my love and passion for art is renewed and there has been a profound increase in my production of oil paintings. My most recent collection has included imaginative, landscape and seascape oil paintings.

Overall, I’m happy to exhibit my paintings on this website and I hope you will enjoy my artwork below!

William McIntosh

Seascapes & Waterways


Tropical and Abstract Flowers