William Tibbs Art Gallery

William Tibbs Art Gallery


My artwork is based on a scientific truth- all living organisms experience life through their own perspective. When you look at my work you see the perspective of a person in the drawing. You become the person in the picture.

I use this innovative art style to present new ideas. Human vision is sharper when more people have ideas. During World War Two millions of people perished who believed that the world will soon end.

At the end of the war jet propulsion took man to the moon and we all witnessed intelligence move from one body in space to another. Was this the first time that it happened?

Maybe intelligence has been moving from one planet in space to another since the beginning of time. Evolution may have started on earth when cells from another world were introduced to one cell living organisms here.

The confrontation caused a violent struggle between two worlds that created multiple cell organisms when cells came together in groups to fight the invaders.

We are made up of trillions cells that work together to keep us alive. The whole purpose of starting evolution on the earth may be to create an intelligent species to take intelligence to other worlds.

God may be something completely different from what religion tells us. A good father does not tell his children to all die to be with him like Jim Jones did .

A good father leaves an inheritance for his children and good children accept the responsibility of caring for their father's estate. Man may survive, grow and change to find God in the mirror.

If intelligence has been moving through space since the beginning of time, no monkeys on a tiny speck of dust in time are going to stop it.

The last thing our father wants to hear is dogma about the world ending. We may be able to avoid tragic loss of human lives like that which occurred during World War Two by simply recognizing man's purpose on earth.

Alien Abductions