William Kaluta Art

William Kaluta Art


William Kaluta is a professional artist/photographer and was born in New York. He is of Russian descent and has over 30 years experience as a freelance photographer.

Throughout is life he has taken over 300 courses in photography
as well as many workshops in mixed media and creative art classes.

Through his art, he strives to capture the emotion and feeling
in it's composition. The personality of its subject frozen in a moments time

"As a true artist I must be drawn into the scene emotionally"
I must feel its colors, the feeling of its reflections and movement in the water,
"the emotions of my subject" William Kaluta

By pushing his photographic artistic talents, and combining pen and ink, watercolors and or acrylics within a project he creates true one of a kind art pieces.

William's art is displayed at various art galleries in the New York area
as well as being sold on the internet.

Much of his work is available for sale in various sizes in both original and reproduction photographic and fine art prints.

Now enter his creative world as seen through the camera lens..... and Beyond!

William Kaluta Art Gallery