William Wraithe Art

William Wraithe Art


I am William Robert Wraithe. I am the author of MTHOS - The Handbook of Shadow, The 72, The Shapeshifter's Bible, Death Note, and many more. This is where I will be selling my works of art for all to enjoy. I am also on Instagram now. Just look me up and start following me @william_wraithe.

Angelic Source Gallery

Sigillum Magick Symbols - Reality

My Servitor Entities -MTHOS Curse

The 72 Collection

Heaven & Face of GOD OOBE


HGA Holy Guardian Angel

Weredragon Gallery

Necronomicon - Gallery of the Dead

Magie et Envoûtement Series

The Vampire Gallery

The Werebat Gallery

Vampire God - Mobloch Gallery

The Werewolf Gallery

Ascended Master