Wild Yoni Energy

Wild Yoni Energy


Yana was born and raised in the countryside, in a tiny village in Karelia, northern Russia. She grew up in a family with 12 children, lots of chickens, two cows and a horse. School was a 3km walk through the forest, every morning, rain or shine. Pitch black winters. No internet, no computers, no cell phones. Only the silence of nature, wild animals, a garden and greenhouse, a river, a well, and children, lots of children!

Yana discovered her passion for art at a young age, drawing women's faces, emotions and female characters. She was expressing herself as a Woman, but didn't realise this until recent years. Art was a way of escaping her daily duties (from the age of 10 she was forced to take care of all her brothers and sisters and maintain the house they lived in) and reconnecting with her soul.

Sadly, her self expression through art was disapproved of by her religious parents. Her father burned all her drawings and paintings because he considered them sexual, and thus a sin. One sad day, her father unleashed his fury on Yana. She was severely beaten up. Not long after, she ran away from home. After a few years of city life in Russia she decided to make her childhood dream a reality and move to Finland.

She arrived to Finland pregnant and alone. Giving birth and raising her child alone in a foreign country truly expanded her horizons and understanding of Life. After two years of being a single mother she met a man. Together they created a loving family and soon another little angel was born. Her husband Denis was a catalyst for her expansion to the 'next level' of Life. She began exploring Spirituality, Sexual Energy, Witchcraft and the Divine Feminine. As she was growing and evolving as a Woman, she returned to art to express her new found feelings and emotions.

Today, her mission and vision of the rapidly emerging New Earth is crystal clear. Yana is here to empower and guide Women to awaken to their true nature, to shine light on the truth that has been hidden from humanity for many generations. Her dream is to build a sacred temple where Women can come together and heal each other.

Her Healing Art infused with powerful Feminine Energy is a way to begin the healing process and ignite the fire within each Woman to become aware of who she really is - a Divine Cosmic Portal to the One