Wild For Life Art by Marilyn Frazier

Wild For Life Art by Marilyn Frazier


Although I always knew that I was artistic, it wasn't until I was unable to walk because of a car accident in 1993, that I started to sculpt. While I was on crutches, recovering from the loss of my left foot, I taught myself how to sculpt while following some examples from a book. After sculpting a few animal heads, I realized they would be more interesting with a background, so I taught myself how to paint. I created my sculpted paintings over the years while I was experiencing adversity and self transformation. The meaning behind every one of my paintings represents who I have become through the face of ongoing life challenges. I consciously turned my weaknesses into strengths.

My art will resonate with self made survivors who are straight forward, authentic, and tell it like it is. I create power animals who sieze opportunity.

Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.