Unique and Mystique Creations by Caylan Wilder

Unique and Mystique Creations by Caylan Wilder


Well, where should I begin? I’m a young artist seeking potential credibility for all the work I produce. But that’s what a lot of artists want right? I live in Rochester, New York and I;ve been with my fiance, Sheldon for almost 6 years now. He is my soulmate and I could never ask for anyone better. Painting, Drawing, and Ceramics are my three most favorite mediums to work with and my mind goes wild when it comes to creativity. I call my gallery unique and mystique because it defines who I am and adds character to my art work. I paint mostly in oil because of the rich texture and value it gives off and I personally enjoy the smell of turpentoid natural and linseed oil. You’ll see that I have many different styles when creating composition and themes throughout my work. I like making compositions based on nature, mythology, fantasy, gothic theme, some abstraction, and wicca. Some pieces I have made were school assignments that I grew to like but unfortunately, haven’t really used those materials or techniques since then. I’m not entirely sure why I haven’t created anything in that style but I do know that I love learning different ways to approach art making. Art is my most prized possession and I’m hoping that this will help me start my art career off with good vibes.