Thomas H Wiebell, Cincinnati Icon

Longtime Cincinnati Icon, Thomas H Wiebell was born in 1909 and passed away on his 94th birthday, July 1st, 2003. Tom Began his craft at the Art Conservancy, Graduating in 1927. He had a long and distinguished career in art and sign design in the wonderful Neon Industry. Several of which can be seen in the Sign Museum today. His portfolio of oils on canvas includes over 200 works and spans over 70 years of his life. The variations of theme were only limited by the corners of the US. He Honeymooned in the Carolinas, and painted, Visited Lake Cumberland, and Painted. Visited all of the Great Lakes, and painted, Enjoyed all of the seasons, and painted. Explored the deserts of the great Southwest, and painted.Thom saw his view of color dissipate in his late 70's and early 80's due to cataracts, We see a Blue Period, only to see a return to vivid Colors after double lens surgery.

Please explore and enjoy Mr. Wiebells vast works as we rotate from time to time.

Wiebell, Collection Number One