WhitePetals art gallery

WhitePetals art gallery


Whitepetals intends to engage itself in activities that mitigates the stress that accompanies young artists suffering from constraints, be it on financial front or for want of good platforms to project their crafts or any other issues, by adopting them. Whitepetals aims to be a ladder for these young artists to achieve success & career growth.
To look after their welfare, is a goal, that Whitepetals considers as its moral and social responsibilty.My collections reflects the various shades, colors & moods and is a melting pot of nations and cultures. Our canvases are ablaze with rich colors and broad expressive strokes; Colors that generate positive vibrations and energy.

I gratefully acknowledge the extensive contribution of social media to market our creations. 3 years i sold my own creation and my own copy works but now above all I thank God for giving me an opportunity to for help the innumerable unsung artists around the globe in showcasing their creations through our gallery, ˜The White Petals™

Acrylic magic