Western Hoard Art

Western Hoard Art


Western Hoard offers art from Natascha Wise and Christine Wise, both digital painters. Both have been painting and drawing since they were young children, and both love the freedom digital painting offers them.

Christine says, "I have been painting and drawing since I was a young child. My father was an artist, and many of my fondest memories were of sitting together with him trying to recreate the beautiful paintings he made. I have studied with many artists over the years, and I still take classes and workshops to build my skills. Painting digitally allows me to take my art anywhere, so I can paint in locations it can be difficult for traditional media to go. There is little difference between painting on a drawing tablet or a canvas. I find having the ability to save and experiment without losing the core painting has allowed my art to grow in ways I would not have expected."

Natascha uses digital art as a means to connect with the world, both the real one and the ones she crafts inside her head. “Every image I paint is far more than just a picture. It is a memory, a dream, a connection to people and places, warm thoughts and feelings. We all spend so much time connected to computers and phones and pieces of technology, often at the expense of real life connections and our own thoughts and dreams. My paintings are an invitation, and a reminder, there is life outside of the phone, there are experiences you can actually have that go beyond a post and a photo.”

Come join us for a journey!

Art by Natascha Wise

Art by Christine Wise