wendys art

wendys art


I've been painting for over 14 years. Only painted flowers and teddy bears at first. Then progressed to peoples pets. I was commissioned for many of our beloved 4 legged family members. I was told that I caught their souls in their eyes. I'm self taught and really found myself through art when I went through a traumatic time in my life and was told use paint to express myself. Bring out your soul. So I paint through my soul.
I was born and raised in Montreal Quebec. My parents moved so many times, including a short time in Long Beach California, people would ask me if they were in the military. I now live in, West Kelowna, BC, with my soulmate and Husband, Bob, and our cat Cosmo.

I started with acrylic paint and then moved on to watermixable oil. I tried straight oil, but found the clean up was not for me.

Before painting I tried a few different creative roads. I made stained glass pieces, floating candles, gel candles...

Silhouette Series