Wendy Legeret

Wendy Legeret


Welcome! Within the past eight years I have been taking photographs just for pleasure. Whether it was at an event, a family gathering, or just a picture of my pets, it was something that I never thought I would be doing everyday. The state of Michigan is where I am at and where I have always been.

For over 40 years I was living in the Upper Peninsula in a small town named Iron Mountain. Recently, I moved to the Lower Peninsula and now living in Lake Ann. I photograph on a daily basis and in the Upper Peninsula it was more of waterfalls, birds, and trees. In Lake Ann, it is more flowers and lakes - Lake Ann and Lake Michigan.

If you are following my work you will notice that at times different photos will be removed and replaced with new ones. Give me an e-mail if you wish to see something that was once here and I will add again!

Those of you who wish to purchase my work I would be honored if you would do so. You will find that my photos not only will make you smile but will give you a sense of peace.

I hope you enjoy my work and thank you for stopping by!